Flour with eggs in the middle, noodles, and other things on a wood cutting board


Discover the joy of cooking with us on Sundays. Our classes cover everything from rolling pasta to improving knife etiquette. Come unwind, learn, and laugh with us, because great food and unforgettable memories are always on the menu.
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We offer our takeout for our Lunch menu from 10am-2:45pm
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Check out counter in baby blue with a wood top. A cloth sign hangs over the counter with the words "Order Here" in cursive. There is also a black cloth mat in front of the counter and high tables and chairs on the wall of windows to the right of the counter


Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a dress code for dining at Grist?
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Will there be servers or is it self-service?
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Do you do lunch reservations or only dinner?
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Do I need experience to attend the cooking class?
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Why do you close at 3p just to open again at 5p?
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