Rolled green pasta on a plate of sauce with garnish on the top


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Lunch: 10am-3pm // Dinner: 5pm-9pm
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Feel free to reach out with any additional inquiries
View of a wood counter by the check out counter inside of a store. Tables and chairs line the wall on the right and the back wall and the shop is well lit and tidy.
Check out counter in baby blue with a wood top. A cloth sign hangs over the counter with the words "Order Here" in cursive. There is also a black cloth mat in front of the counter and high tables and chairs on the wall of windows to the right of the counter


Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a dress code for dining at Grist?
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Do you have servers?
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Do you do lunch reservations or only dinner?
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Do I need experience to attend the cooking class?
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Why do you close at 3pm just to open again at 5pm?
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